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>My Attempts To Declutter

> How is it that so many find joy in decluttering? For some time now it has been on my heart to let go of the many things I own and enjoy the freedom that accompanies owning less. I’ve read … Continue reading

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>The Touch

> My last two years of high school were spent in Zambia during the war. There are many stories to tell but I have only one right now. The farm next to ours, about a mile away, was owned by … Continue reading

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>Apples, Kisses and Fowling the Air

>As a kid I loved visiting Malawi. There were apples there. There were none in Zambia where I lived so apples were a a luxury; a delicacy. We would slowly nibble every morsel of flesh, sucking every drop of juice … Continue reading

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>Pride and Childbirth

>I grew up in Zambia and, let me tell you, there is nothing wimpy about the African bush women. They work all day, gather wood, build the fire, cook a meal and walk to the stream to carry water back … Continue reading

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